Gratis forsendelse.Sekskantet carbon steel el-guitar-strenge sæt,RX15&RX15-C(009-042),RX17(010-046),RX19(011-050)-(10 Sæt Pack)



This Hexagonal core carbon steel electric guitar strings set RX15 is Great Bright tone & Super Light , best for speed solo; RX17 is Great B right tone & Normal Light , best for mezzo; RX19 is Great B right tone & Medium , best for heavy rock.RX15-C is a new colorfull string model from RX-15 :it is Great Bright tone & Super Light, it is color nickel alloy wire string set.

· Brand Name: Orphee

· Model Number: RX15(009-042), RX15-C (009-042.color string),

RX17(010-046) RX19(011-050)-Electric guitar string set

· Type: Strings set of 6 strings

· Inner material: Hexagonal carbon steel

· Outer material: 10% nickel alloy wire

· 1st string Diameter: .009 .010 .011 (RX15&RX15-C RX17 RX19)

· 2nd string Diameter: .011 .013 .014 (RX15 &RX15-C RX17 RX19)

· 3rd string Diameter: .016 .017 .018 ( RX15 &RX15-C RX17 RX19)

· 4th string Diameter: .024 .026 .026 (RX15&RX15-C RX17 RX19)

· 5th string Diameter: .032 .036 .036 (RX15&RX15-C RX17 RX19)

· 6th string Diameter: .042 .046 .050 (RX15&RX15-C RX17 RX19)

· Main Features: Strong durablility,Bright tone ,feeling comfortable

· Music style: RX15 & RX15-C is Great Bright tone & Super Light , best for speed solo,RX19 is Great B right tone & Medium , best for heavy rock ,RX17 is Great B right tone & Normal Light , for mezzo

Inner packing: Silver/Red poly-bag

Outer Packing: Color plastic bag

ORPHEE-RX series has strong durability, Tone loud and feeling comfortable, For Primary guitar players.

Hexagon steel is a kind of steel whose cross section is regular hexagon.Compared with the

bulb angle steel, hexagon steel is of better ductility and acoustic conductivity.Especially when

used as the inner material of bass strings, hexagon steel can guarantee the wound tightness

and stability of exterior material.

Carbon steel refers to the iron-carbon alloy of less than 2.11% carbon content.Compared

with the pure steel, carbon steel has better hardness and strength.Besides, it has better

toughness and ductility to maintain the flexibility and tension to prolong the life of the


Hexagonal carbon steel takes the advantages of the above 2 kinds of material.Used as the

inner material of strings, hexagonal carbon steel can make the low pitch deeper and fuller,

the intermediate frequency stronger and make the high pitch brighter and clearer.Therefore,

it is the first choice for high-end string material!

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Mærke Orphee
Model-Nummer RX15 942/ RX15-C 942/ RX17 1046 /RX19 1150
Type Strygere

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